Pixel Dailies

I have recently started following @pixel_dailies on Twitter. Ben Porter runs the account and puts up a prompt every day. Then the rest of us do pixel art along the lines of that prompt. There are fairly regular contests to. The contests are usually for a free copy of a pixel art game and are awesome in that usually two are given: one to the best and one to a random entry. So it is also about trying and not just for those super practiced among us.

I totally believe that regular practice and production is a road to getting better at things. One of my goals is to create and publish a game on Steam. I want to have mostly my own art, so I got to get better. Pixel dailies is part of that.

Here are some of my favorite pixel dailies that I have done recently. Everything is done in GIMP.

Theme:Time Machine

My first attempt at animation. A time traveling construction worker.


We had been wandering through churches in Italy that day and I liked the idea of stained glass.

Theme: Inventor

One of two I did for “Inventor”. I called this one accoutrements.






Furry monster for the theme “fur”. Inspiration was an old Bugs Bunny cartoon where he is being chased about a castle by a big furry monster. Mine ended up old and cute rather than scary.

Theme: Cute Monster

This is a tile featuring the “Dogtopus”. There is a bridge in Freiburg that has a symbol on it that Ali and I both think looks like a dog with many legs. This is my thought of what a Dogtopus might actually look like.

Theme: Bucket