About Me

Self PortraitI am Andrew Couch, a fantasy geek with a web development day-job.

I grew up reading fantasy novels. High School brought me in contact with friends who got me into watching Anime and reading role-playing game books. Things just went on from there. Video games and other general geekery inspires me.

Much of the inspiration for the worlds I write/design about is a mix of a wild imagination and travels around the world. I read the history of the places we go to and just store it in my mind. Sometimes stories come to me as we walk around and I try to remember enough to scribble them down when we get home. Most often, the feel of a place and the shape of its architecture inspires me to think about the people that lived there. Add a wild amount of magic and that is the seed of a lot of my ideas.

An American abroad, I live in Freiburg, Germany with my wife. In addition to writing fiction, we run several blogs around travel and living abroad.

– – –

I am very happy to hear from you as well. I can be found on Twitter and in E-Mail: groundedtraveler@gmail.com.