Back into the Groove – ROW80 – Wednesday Checkin Week 8

Again I missed last Sunday’s check in, but due to a good excuse this time. My wife and I did a long weekend in Munich. I got to sit in the sun at a beer garden all afternoon hanging out with her. Work started back at a normal routine this week, and happily the writing habit came back too. A bit spluttery with quality, but the words are still there.


M : 750
T : 300
W : 500

I am still struggling a bit with the story, but I had some great thoughts at the gym yesterday that I hope will get me closer to finished. I’ve been doing other things as well. An article I wrote a few weeks ago about getting inspired from travel for landscapes in stories went up yesterday.

Helping Ali on her site about helping first time travelers (Travel Made Simple) and getting her book on packing up as well. The little floating bar on the top of the author site (yes, right up there) is my work as well and has a bunch of different features planned.

Finished reading Republic and Deathmaker by Lindsay Buroker, enjoying both.

Plans for the Week

One more day of work on Thursday and I have Friday off. So hoping to really push through somehow this weekend and get the story done. I am hoping my ideas from yesterday are enough to get it there. This is a story that came back into draft writing from the editing phase, so will have to go back to editing.


I still need to hunt editors and figure out covers. I keep playing with covers and get frustrated. I’ll get there though.

– – –

Happy I am getting back into checking in and writing. Check out other ROWers check-ins here.


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