Test Cover for Crossing the Dropline : Air Pirates

The first novella of the Crossing the Dropline series is off to beta readers, so I am beginning to concentrate on other aspects of its publication. Next up, the cover.

Cover2_xThe world of Crossing the Dropline is fantasy, but instead of the more typical medieval style setting, I have placed it closer to the 20’s and 30’s of our own world. The cover is meant to echo a travel poster from that time period. It features the floating islands that make up the world north of the Dropline where the stories take place.

Phase 2: Got some feedback on a writer’s forum and redid the cover. Here is the next version. I like it tons better. A wonder what a little push does to help.

Phase 3: Even more feedback. Another round of simplification and more font in the direction of the Art Deco feel I was going for.

The white band is gone and the colors are a less “box of crayons”.

For the final cover check out the Books page. The title has since shifted to Queen of the Cloud Pirates as well.