Expressions of Exploration

I am an explorer. I really like to see what is beyond that hill and how one thing affects another. I like to push buttons and see things react. This affects a lot of how I see the world and interact with it. It gets expressed in a couple of my favorite hobbies.


This is where I first ran across the idea of “explorer” as a classification rather than just a trait. The Bartle Test theorizes classifications around how people enjoy a game world. I tend to be an explorer, though I definitely have some of the other qualities.

I love video games. The rich worlds of plenty of things to push and interact with.


If gaming is an artificial world to play in, then travel is the act of playing in the real world. Predictably perhaps, I love travel. The same urge to see things and what is over that hill or around that corner leads me to be a wanderer when I travel. I look for the details and the small things when we travel. (Check out my travel blog all about the details if you want to see what I mean.)

To see crazy white cliffs in Turkey and wander in exotic cities just lights up my mind. It is awesome to explore and see what things are like.White Cliffs in Turkey


And so this leads me back to writing. (This is my author site after all.) I am beginning to see my writing urges as an expression of this desire to explore as well. To explore the world that I have created in my mind. It gets inspired by the world that I have traveled in and filtered through a wild imagination.

The world exploration is my favorite aspect of fantasy writing. I have had locales and maps in my head for many years. What I have struggled with is the story and character aspects of writing. I am getting better. (Sign #1 is that I have stories finished.) It helped to think of characters themselves as a landscape to explore. To explore not just the world they live in, but to explore the insides of the character as well. Then the story becomes the movement of one within the other.

– – –
I like to search and poke and prod. To see how things react. To experience new and different places. In gaming and in travel, and now in writing.