Finally Moving Forward – ROW80 – Week 5

Slightly less than half way through the Round of Word 80 challenge and I finally feel like I am having a good week of discipline. I’ve mentioned on the last few check-ins that I have been struggling, which is true, but I think I made some good strides this week.

Am Writing

Goals: These have really mellowed from my overly ambitious goals at the beginning. Maybe I can ramp back up, but for now am happy to write a little bit every day and make any sort of editing progress in the week.

Monday: 550 words in 45min
Tuesday: 500 words in 45min AND 30min of editing
Wednesday: 300 words and some editing in 35min

The editing has been frightening me for a while, but I feel like I am getting back into it. I have started talking more often with a writer friend of mine has he has been quite supportive and gave me some great ideas on how to approach the editing. I think I was trying to do too much in Novella #2 which is why it felt too hard to edit. Too many ideas to cruelly chop them. And yet now I am working to smooth the story out a bit and push even certain characters later in the arc so I can explore my MC’s deeper. It felt good the past two days, so I am hopeful.

Am Reading

Lindsay Buroker’s Republic : So far really quite entertaining, like most of her stuff. Enjoying it and trying to feel inspired by reading it.

Am Doing Other Stuff

Work is going well, but busy. I’m happy I put my writing time in the morning. More chance of it actually happening.

Won’t make it to the gym this week, but oh well. Just too much going on with work deadlines.

Also up to writing my next installment of a column about fantasy writing as an expat. 🙂 Should be fun.

2 thoughts on “Finally Moving Forward – ROW80 – Week 5

  1. Sounds like you’ve had some pretty solid word counts for this week. 500 words seems to be a good goal for many of us writers.

    I also feel some anxiety about editing, but once I’m in there working on the page, I find it’s not so bad. I read a book that suggested thinking about editing/revising this way: The first draft, we’re just getting the story onto the page; in the second (and third) drafts, we’re cleaning it up and thinking about the reader’s experience of the story. So now I’m just in the “reader experience” stage of writing. I found that advice to be helpful.

    • AuthAndy says:

      I am feeling so productive this week. I tend to have really high goals and then get upset if I don’t meet them. It is half way between “I know I won’t meet the goals so might as well aim high” and some sort of masochistic reasoning to beat myself up. Either way trying to be ok with any progress and yet still push for more.

      Sounds interesting. That is what stalls me though. I can fix the little bits but still have a hard time telling if the story is fun to read or not. I get too close to it in the draft writing. I will keep working on it and am building a wider group of beat readers that will help too.

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