Friends and Holidays – Wednesday CheckIn Week 3

So yeah, I missed the Sunday check-in. That should give you a sense of how the weekend went. I got no writing of any kind done between last Wednesday and Easter Sunday, so I just decided the check-in would not be motivating. I did however peruse the other ROW80ers in my role as a sponsor and was happy to see that others were not as non-productive as I was.

It was still a great weekend with some visiting friends. We got to go to France for lunch (it is awesome to be able to do that) and went up a local hill on a cable car that was fun (and inspiring for my Steampunk writing, gotta have cable cars somewhere.)

In other news from last week, the first post of a new column at Displaced Nation went up. I am exploring the connections and relationships between travel and fantasy writing. The column is called Here There Be Dragons.

As for Goals:

I wrote 800words yesterday, which is about what I have done since last Wednesday. I have managed an hour of editing. However I did do a plot outline for Novella 3.

So all in all, not so good on my goals this week. It is a good reminder that if I can get myself to just open up the Scrivener and stare at it that I can produce words.

Lessons and Outlook:

I really need to track what I write. I mean I am pretty sure I got no more than 800 this week done, but between the guests and activities I don’t have a lot of space in my brain for that kind of stuff. I need to write it down.

I have a business trip up for this weekend. Which means 6 hours on the train in both directions. So I will get as much writing time as my laptop battery survives. So I am really hoping to get more done.

2 thoughts on “Friends and Holidays – Wednesday CheckIn Week 3

  1. When you do write that steampunk story featuring cable cars, I look forward to hearing more about it. Cable cars just sound like a natural fit in that genre.

    Congrats on your 800 words. Slow and steady is what counts!

    • AuthAndy says:

      Yup they do. And funiculars. Check out “Where Eagles Dare” for some of the best cable car action I have seen. It is a WWII movie, not steampunk but a lot of that pulp-war style action.

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