Light at the end of the tunnel – ROW80 – Wednesday Checkin Week 7

I skipped the past two ROW check-ins. I really had nothing positive to say about progress and just felt they would be unhelpful to write. I still have no writing progress to report, but I hope this is less depressing to report.

The Ripple Effect
My day job is a freelance web developer. I week ago I had a project deadline on one big project rear up. It went really well, but meant a lot of my time got stuck into it. It also meant I had to squeeze for the other projects that I work on that were not in deadline mode. So that push had a ripple effect. Of course, this ripple affected other things like writing. That should all be done now and the pond of ripples should be calming down as of next week.

I was also stuck on my story. I have started to collaborate with a fellow author on Twitter, bouncing ideas off each other for our own worlds and planning a shared one. I’ll announce that more concretely soon. He has given me some great ideas and helpful advice to get me un-stuck a few weeks ago. Then I hit another snag. I have characters and an overall plot, but could not figure out how to mesh them together in one spot. I couldn’t even articulate it to my author friend until this past week. And still, once I could explain the problem he came up with other ideas that I really think are great. I just need to find time to write them all down in prose. 🙂

Not a total loss

  • Tons of paid work completed in the past few weeks. Paid work is good, as money is used to exchange for goods and services. Including food and shelter. 🙂
  • New projects developing which I am excited about. Nice to have a job that continues as long as I need it to.
  • I re-themed my author site. I was looking at themes for our collaboration Imprint and came across this one for my own site. A few hours re-jiggering the colors and I am 95% happy with it.
  • Off on vacation for this weekend for relaxation with my wife. Hoping to get caught up on sleep and creative juices for a bigger push to write next week. In addition, more free time in general to actually do writing.
  • Got my next “Here Be Dragons” post completed for Displaced Nation. Not sure when it will go up, but I will link that too.
  • Got the sponsorship duties done. Nice to see how other people are doing on their goals and that I am not the only one who struggles.


I am sitting at 17K for my Novella #2. With Jeremy’s ideas, I am really hoping I can write the next 8K and get it finished. I had planned by May 31, but that is unlikely to happen. The hope is still to go for end of June for a completion date.

Need to work on finding cover artists. I found one on Deviant Art that I like, but she hasn’t responded to my emails asking about commissions. I’ll need to search more.

Need to e-mail a few editors and feel out that part of the process too.

Next week should see me back into a better routine, so hoping that will let me get back to the discipline I need to write.

– – –

Light is coming at the end of the tunnel and I am close enough to see it isn’t another train. Check out other peoples checkins here.

4 thoughts on “Light at the end of the tunnel – ROW80 – Wednesday Checkin Week 7

    • AuthAndy says:

      Yup. It ebbs and flows with me, but nice to see the cycle begining to emerge and not be so freaked out by the ups and downs.

  1. paid work – ahhh so useful for exchanging for life’s little necessities:) your bouncing off partner sounds great – so good to have another mind engaged – so often can see that gap in the trees one can’t oneself – so progress is being made – nothing negative really in that check in -all that stuff – needs to be done – and while re-jigging and well deserved breaks occur that subconcious mind will be imaging a blockbuster for you – well a novella anyway – all the best:)

    • AuthAndy says:

      Im not shooting for blockbusters in any respect. I have a world in my head that I want to explore and have others be entertained by. It is really nice to talk to another person though.

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