A Round of Words : Goals

I am participating in the A Round of Words in 80 days and this is my goals post for the round starting April 7. I am also a sponsor this round, which is totally exciting. To see so many writers work on their projects and cheer them on.

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Open Projects

I have a lot of open projects at the moment. The overarching goal is to finish (some) of these projects.

  • Finish Novella #2 of Crossing the Dropline – ~2-3K left
  • Edit Novella #2 of Crossing the Dropline – Editting 27K
  • Write Novella #3 – 8K done, another 17K to write
  • Write standalones in the Dropline world – Keeper of the Trees and Catman each aiming at 20K words
  • I could go back to Jahn’s story, which is the unfinished novel that spawned the Dropline world.

Goals for ROW80

In the spirit of the Round of Words, I will set some specific measurable goals.

I will write at least 1000 words and edit for a half and hour, 5 out of the 7 days of the week.

That should garner me a little over 60K words across the project, which should be enough for Novella #3 and both standalones. Once I get into writing, I often can write very fast, so I am hoping for a lot more, but trying to keep the goal attainable and meaningful to accomplish. The 5 out of 7 means I still should have time to sleep/blog/hang out with my wife/hold down a job. Editing time is the added challenge, but is aimed at producing a publishable Novella #2 as soon as possible.

If you are a writer with a blog, definitely swing by the ROW80 and join in. You can join in even after the round has begun on April 7th 2014, so no excuses just because you came later.

4 thoughts on “A Round of Words : Goals

  1. Andrew,

    Welcome to sponsorship! I hope you’ll have as much fun with it as I have, these last several rounds.

    I like that your goals are simple and easily measurable, but in direct service to larger goals.

    And that you’ll still have time for things like your wife. I’ve found that spouses benefit from regular care and affection! =)

    See you round the Round! =D

  2. Em says:

    I like your specific and measurable targets and it is amazing how many words you clock up if you are hitting 5k a week! Good luck with your first week and thank you for your comment on my post 🙂

    • AuthAndy says:

      Thanks. I am, by training, an engineer and programmer. I do much better with solid lists and highly measurable goals.

      I keep berating myself for not going beyond the daily goals, but you are right about how it can build up over time. If I end up with finished stories at the end I will be overjoyed however they got there.

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