#ROW80 – Wednesday Update : Week 1

Only two days into the Round of Words challenge. I’m doing fine though. Click here for other ROWer’s first Midweek checkin.

Monday – 1150 words written.
Tuesday – Net 724 written, but I tossed a few scenes, so the number actually written is higher. This was a part of an hour of editing too.

I am still working on Novella #2 still tentatively titled “Resholm Rising“, though I will likely need a new title. So the editing and the writing are blended. I really think I am at 99% on that first draft though. I will try to do one more editing run before letting it rest for a few days.

Sponsoring Duties: Yup, keeping up. Already submitted my inspirational post and have enjoyed perusing the goals of other ROWers.

Next Project: I want to work on Catman or Keeper of the Trees at least some before diving back into book #3 of Crossing the Dropline.

Other Tasks: I have started contemplating covers and editors. I did the cover of Queen of the Cloud Pirates myself and while I quite like it, it doesn’t fit 100% to the genre and took oodles of time. I want to relaunch book 1 with a different cover when book 2 is done, so I have been working on that. As for an editor, I need to just suck up the money and seek out someone to proof the books before I publish them.

I have posts set up for this blog every Monday into May, which is awesome. I have just committed to a short series on Travel and Fantasy Writing at the Displaced Nation though, so I am glad the author blog is set.

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 – Wednesday Update : Week 1

  1. Andrew, hi again, and thanks for swinging by my blog earlier! Wow, it looks like you’ve got a good handle so far on what you want to accomplish with this Round.
    As for your editing needs … are you talking about copy editing or line editing? Because I’ve been told by a friend with a few trad-published books under her belt that I’m a better line editor than many she’s paid more money to. I just did a line edit for her on her latest book, which I hope she’ll publish soon. If you’re interested in some line editing, give me a holler. 🙂 Easy rates to fit your budget!

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