#ROW80 – Wednesday Update : Week 2

Up to week 2 on ROW 80. I am a freelance developer, which means work comes in waves. I had a long time free to work on writing and this week started in with projects again. I enjoy projects, but it means shifting time again and figuring out where writing fits. I think I am doing well with it so far.

Sunday: 1100 words written on blog posts Hamburg Speicherstadt and a post that will go up on Displaced Nation later this week.
Monday: nothing
Tuesday: 1 hour of editing and 250words written
Wednesday: 1200 words written and 15 minutes of editing

So I am on track for the week. A shame that most of the words written were not on my mainline novellas. I had originally thought I would not count blogging in my “words written”, but now I will. Today I wrote a fair amount, but on a different story. I seem to keep opening up projects when I need to be finishing them. This one is a set of short stories based on the Story Prompts at SelfPublishingPodcast and around the early life of one of Crossing the Dropline’s main characters, Jason.

Overall I am finding my creativity again. I spent a few hours reading an awesome webcomic with talking animals call Beyond the Western Deep. I like the storytelling in it. Hoping to learn from everywhere. The rest of the week may end up being a wash. We have guests for Easter weekend, but we shall see. It may be a good time to ruminate.

Remaining: 3.75 hours of editing and 2700 words to write.

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 – Wednesday Update : Week 2

  1. Yay for finding your creativity again and good luck with the balancing of work and writing.

    The webcomic looks really good; I read the first few pages and i like how the art work seems to be a blend of Asian and Mesoamerican styles. The historical part of the scroll explaining the origins of the war looks vaguely Aztec to me.

    • AuthAndy says:

      Thanks for the well wishes. I really hope I can manage it.

      Did you read the blog posts underneath the comics? They have been working on the story for a long time apparently. I loved the insight of how t has grown and changed.

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