Discipline Wins – Sunday Checkin – ROW80 – Week 6

At the halfway point of the ROW80, week 6 out of 12. So how am I doing with it?
In one word, better.

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I am working on my discipline and making progress. I wrote 6 out of the last 7 days AND even did some editing. The key has been doing it in the morning right after I wake up when the ideas are still in my head and it hasn’t been pushed out by work yet.

Monday: 550 words, 30 minutes
Tuesday: 500 words, 30 minutes writing, 30 minutes editing
Wednesday: 40 minutes editing
Thursday: 675 words, 35 minutes
Friday: 750 words, 40 minutes
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: 1350 words, 80 minutes

1 hour 10 minutes of editing. Yay.
3 hour 35 minutes writing for 3865 words.

Seriously one of the most successful weeks ever. I am so pleased. Especially because all those words and editing are on my main series. I didn’t get distracted on other projects. Not quite up to my original goals, but still really awesome.

Returning to Discipline – ROW80 – Sunday Checkin – Week 5

The concept of discipline to write is becoming the theme of my time with ROW80.

Since last Sunday I have written 1700 words and this on two short mornings of 45minutes a piece.
I skipped Wednesday’s check-in due to the week exploding on me. I had software problems and bugs in my own stuff. Sleep deprivations and family sickness (including myself). These aren’t excuses, just an explanation. I really should have still put time into writing.

I have decided to just get up when I wake up and do some writing after breakfast. It was 45minutes on Wednesday before business called and I had to switch gears. So even if it is only 15-20 minutes WITH the cereal, I still want to do it then.

One thing I learned is that even though I felt I was stuck, the ideas are there. I just needed to start writing and I had scenes in my head from reading what I had written previously. I can see the holes in the story and need to just be able to plug them.

So it needs to come back to Discipline to put fingers to keyboard.

Sunday Checkin – ROW80 – Week 4

And we come once again to Sunday and another ROW80 checkin. Wednesday’s check in was really wonderful with 2700 words written early in the week. I am sorry to say that I have not gotten anything to add to it since then.

I seem to have fallen into the rut of only writing when I am inspired by something. I am ok with that in general, but it is not the discipline that I want. I want to treat this as a job, meaning writing even if I am not feeling it. Oh well, trying not to be so hard on myself, but still knowing where I am heading.

I wrote 1.5 hours with 2700 words this week. No editing. For some reason the editing scares me.

On the other hand, this is pretty much the only goal across work and personal landscape that I didn’t make this week. Sunday is again the time we will rewrite our goal boards for the week and try again.

Ok, short check-in, but done.

Trains are a wonderful place to write – Sunday ROW Checkin – Week 3

This will be pretty quick, mostly because it was late. I had a conference in Hamburg which meant 6 hours on the train each direction. Trains are AWESOME to write in apparently. Quiet, smooth and with power plugs.

Tuesday 800 words
Thursday 630 words
Friday 4300 words (yay trains)
Sunday 800 words

Grand Total : 6530 words for the week

I am so totally happy with this. I even got a little bit of editing done.

The writing ended up on two different stories. First, the as yet unnamed Novella #3 in the Crossing the Dropline series. Second, a standalone story called Keeper of the Trees. It was something I conceived while walking around Angkor Wat in February. In addition, based on a forum discussion I decided to write it where all main characters are female, which is a bit of a challenge.

I wrote it ages ago, but a post on Why I Write went up this morning as scheduled. And I am still hitting my deadlines for work, which is nice. I am running a day late on my ROW Sponsorship duties, but I will catch up tomorrow.

Still aiming at 5000 words and 2 hours of editing a week. Would love to have Book 2 ready for publishing in June with the other two spaced out over the summer. Last Wednesday’s lesson was to record what I write. To that end I am just tweeting it out with the #amwriting hashtag for the moment.

Oh well, busy day today, but got the check in done. Tomorrow is another day to work on my discipline. How are things with your work in progress?

#ROW80 Sunday Check-in : Week 1

So my totals for the first week of ROW80 aren’t perfect, but not horrible.

I wanted to do 1000 words and half an hour of editing a day for 5 of 7 days. I am striving for daily consistency, but am summarizing a bit for the week. That would be 5K words and 2.5 hours of editing.

What I Actually did:

  • 3500 words on stories
  • 3.5 hours of editing

So not at all a horrible week, but slightly less than I aimed at. I hit a steep spot in the editing and a “doubt in myself” feeling that affected the writing.

Novella 2 is in a complete First Draft stage. I am poking at the other projects trying to make progress where ever I can.

Coming up this week:

  • I actually have client projects. After several months of being between contracts, I will start working again tomorrow. I am actually really hoping that the discipline of doing programming will help get me to do writing as well.
  • My inspiration post as a ROW sponsor is going up tomorrow and there is a post scheduled here as well.
  • I have a post due to go up on Thursday at Displaced Nation.