Trains are a wonderful place to write – Sunday ROW Checkin – Week 3

This will be pretty quick, mostly because it was late. I had a conference in Hamburg which meant 6 hours on the train each direction. Trains are AWESOME to write in apparently. Quiet, smooth and with power plugs.

Tuesday 800 words
Thursday 630 words
Friday 4300 words (yay trains)
Sunday 800 words

Grand Total : 6530 words for the week

I am so totally happy with this. I even got a little bit of editing done.

The writing ended up on two different stories. First, the as yet unnamed Novella #3 in the Crossing the Dropline series. Second, a standalone story called Keeper of the Trees. It was something I conceived while walking around Angkor Wat in February. In addition, based on a forum discussion I decided to write it where all main characters are female, which is a bit of a challenge.

I wrote it ages ago, but a post on Why I Write went up this morning as scheduled. And I am still hitting my deadlines for work, which is nice. I am running a day late on my ROW Sponsorship duties, but I will catch up tomorrow.

Still aiming at 5000 words and 2 hours of editing a week. Would love to have Book 2 ready for publishing in June with the other two spaced out over the summer. Last Wednesday’s lesson was to record what I write. To that end I am just tweeting it out with the #amwriting hashtag for the moment.

Oh well, busy day today, but got the check in done. Tomorrow is another day to work on my discipline. How are things with your work in progress?

3 thoughts on “Trains are a wonderful place to write – Sunday ROW Checkin – Week 3

  1. Trains are awesome for lots of things. I dig trains.

    Sounds like you’re on top of things. =)

    I’m getting ready to finish plotting out my final A-Z flash piece. I’ve gathered all of these (over 17K words, through 25 stories) into a Scrivener file, for future novella series development.

    I’m moving forward with my plotting (and, hooray, watching!) for my Enterprise Story a Day May project.

    Blogging is on track, and I’ve planned out my May goals…

    So, all’s well here.

    May you find the rest of this week wonderful! =)

    • AuthAndy says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. Sounds good on your goals and progress too. I like the idea of collecting a bunch of flash pieces for later.

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