Wednesday Checkin – ROW80 – Week 10

So again I missed on Sunday checkin. One of the things I am learning as a work-at-home freelancer is that “day of the week” concept becomes very hazy sometimes. That said I am working on plans and schedules to keep myself on track.

Writing Progress since last Wednesday

Thursday – Guest post on my wife’s travel site about Cinque Terre, Italy. Started another one about tips for eating while in Italy.
Friday – 760 words
Saturday/Sunday – no writing
Monday – 1350 words
Tuesday – nothing
Wednesday – 480 words

So it isn’t every day that I get to write, but I am getting better at more regular. I had some grand ideas at the gym on Monday which really helped. I don’t feel stuck in the story anymore. Hopefully I can push on until the end.

Other Projects

  • I have been pouring a ton of time into the bar on the top of the site. I am working on a lot of other features and plan to get it up for sale this summer.
  • Been doing a bit of blog-post writing for Ali’s site.
  • Sponsorship for ROW80.
  • Regular gym attendance. It sucks that the gym is 30minutes away, but going makes me feel better and I often end up with good ideas while working out.

It has turned to summer here in Germany, which is not at all a bad thing. It does however mean that it is warm and without A/C getting used to sleeping in the warm is a bit of a thing to deal with. I have been tired a lot. I am really pleased with progress on all fronts despite that tired. I do notice that the tired state increases my creativity at the cost of the ability to push and get stuff done. I keep feeling new projects bloom in my mind and I have been trying to write them down to not forget, but also not let them take time from finishing projects already near their ending.

Overall a decent week.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Checkin – ROW80 – Week 10

  1. I am also striving to write everyday, but also do not make the daily goal. Still I keeping going.

    You sound like you have a great attitude. Keeping going! 🙂

  2. Oh, the fuzzy-days feeling! Not only do I write from home, but we’re unschoolers.

    The other day, my almost-10 asked, “Mom, is it after the hour kids get home from school?” I actually answered by checking the clock before I realized it was Sunday…

    It didn’t help at all that my husband worked a day he usually doesn’t, and had a day he usually works off…

    Ah, well. I did name the blog Lovely Chaos! =)

    I also know what you mean about the creativity in fatigue. I’ve done some of my best writing half-asleep, with almost-dreams in my head. I need to do a lot of editing when I look again, but the writing is ALIVE!

    It does sound like you are in a good, productive space. May the rest of the week be even more so!

    • AuthAndy says:

      Yup. Even though my “work week” is three days that first day still feels painful like a Monday. I am trying to cultivate a more work-day atmosphere for my other two days. It has been somewhat successful. I now track my time on my other projects just like I do for paid work and that helps a ton.

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