Wonderful Progress – ROW80 – Wednesday Week 3

As I mentioned on Sunday, I made some great progress over the weekend. Well I happy to say that the progress continues.

Writing Goal: I wrote Nothing on Monday or Tuesday, but 2700 words today. 1300 each in the morning and evening. So totally into the scene and happy putting down words. And all of this on as of yet unnamed Novella #3 of Crossing the Dropline. I am happy to get progress on the main series going.

I even have ideas for Keeper of the Trees, so hope to get that done soon too. Feeling good about my writing progress.

Editing: On the other hand I have apparently taken a break on editing. I know I will need to get back to it, but I have an aversion to it at the moment. The doubt is strong when I am not just writing, so I am taking that energy and getting that part done.

Sponsoring: I got my sponsor cheerleading done on Tuesday morning. Hope to get better timed on this checkin.

Discipline: This is the hardest part in a way. To keep myself going despite the other things in my life and the doubt in my head. I have a new schedule for my week to be updated each Sunday. This will hopefully keep me organized and on track for work as well as writing. Today was the first day of the implementation of it and I feel really good about what I accomplished, including a buttload of work, the gym and some time playing games.

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8 thoughts on “Wonderful Progress – ROW80 – Wednesday Week 3

  1. Congrats on your word count!

    I struggle with doubt during the editing process as well. During the first draft, I’m able to say that if the writing is bad, I can fix it later. But when I’m editing, later is now. I have to remind myself that I don’t need to fix everything in one shot. Best of luck!

    • AuthAndy says:

      Yeah, that is a good reminder. A lot of my issue with reading through it on the editing is really going back and forth about whether it is even fun to read or not. The writing is fixable, but I doubt bigger things too.

    • AuthAndy says:

      Ha.. So far I am actually pretty good about not losing words in the edit. The first draft usually needs to be clarified, but I go through so many rounds of “first draft” before I even call it “editing” that maybe they get lost there.

  2. Congratulations on getting down those words! That always feels so good.

    Meanwhile, editing can be daunting. Just wade in gingerly and then get going. I’ve been editing A LOT lately, and it’s a struggle at times but so worth it when I see how much the WIP has improved. Best wishes with that project!

    Have a marvelous round, Andrew!

  3. Congratulations on the writing goal! It sounds like you are on a really great roll. I love when that happens, I wish it happened more often to me. I also struggle with the discipline. I know a good method is to develop a routine, but it is hard to keep to it when life gets hectic. I wish you good luck with the editing, I know it can be difficult, but the clean, end result is always rewarding 🙂

    • AuthAndy says:

      Thanks. I’m really finding that doing writing as the first thing before the day encroaches on my mind is what I need to do. I find once I get into it I am fine, but if I start thinking about email and phone calls before I even open Scrivener I am lost.

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