Why Do I Write

My education background is engineering and computer work. I actively avoided English classes as an engineering student in fact. Not that I hated books at all, I loved fantasy books with the biggest box to be hauled back and forth to school was of paperbacks. So I am intrigued how much I have fallen into writing. So I went a bit introspective to answer the question as to Why do I Write?

Exploration and Sharing Stories

I want to share the stories that are in my head. I get excited about having people enjoy the things that I write.

As Ali and I travel I get all kinds of grand ideas in my head. These are wonderful glowing ideas that I think deserve to be developed. Of course that isn’t true on all of them, but I really like the idea of seeing the flitter of ideas grow into stories that entertain others.

I have a world in my head aching to get out. And really I enjoy the characters and the exploration of the world greatly. It is interesting to sit down with some scenes and watch the characters do their things. I want to explore cities and lands in the world as well. This is like mental-wanderlust.


Having the writing helps me practice discipline. Discipline to write (nearly)every day and to take it seriously.

A part of this discipline is my deep desire to actually finish projects. I have long been a dabbler and a procrastinator. That does not make necessarily a productive combo. I learned long ago how to be disciplined about my school projects and later work projects. I like the idea of bending this discipline into my hobbies as well.


Ok, there is certainly a financial aspect to this project as well. I want a secondary income stream to smooth out the hills and valleys of being a freelancer. Money is a great motivator as well. If I have people willing to pay me to read what I have wrote, they are interested and entertain enough to do so, then why shouldn’t I write more to entertain them further.

I just finished “Write. Publish. Repeat.“(affiliate link) and it was very motivating. I want to make writing a business. A business focused on writing good books that entertain readers and make them happy to buy more of what I write.

–  – –

I am not one of those that wrote their first novel at 13, but I think that is ok. I was into stories, reading books and playing RPGs as a kid. I have never stopped reading and love my genre. I have always had games and half books in my head. Now I am just getting to writing them down and polishing them from the mental glory stage to something that is entertaining to read.